Azerbaijani armed forces suffer no losses in manpower or equipment – Defense Ministry

By: Hafiz Heydarov

Baku: The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry has responded to an Armenian statement. The Armenian side, after an unsuccessful attempt of sabotage on the contact line, has released misleading information about the front line situation for fear of its people’s rage, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry told APA.

The Armenians admitted their casualties on the front line, lack of proficiency, the fact that Armenian soldiers and officers have thrown their weapons on the battlefield and fled like cowards, and that they indeed failed in a sabotage attempt made last night in the Aghdere-Terter part of the contact line.

The Defense Ministry said that unlike the enemy, we don’t have any unit of special forces on the frontline.

“The press service reported about the situation on the frontline and one wounded early today, but our armed units suffered no losses in manpower and equipment and fully control operational situation. We once again urge the representatives of mass media outlets not to use provocative reports disseminated by the Armenians,” the ministry noted.

Armenian media disseminated misinformation that the Azerbaijani Armed Forces allegedly lost 7 servicemen.

SOURCE: Azeri Press News Agency