Azerbaijan to take appropriate measures against those trying to turn mosques into political arena

Baku: Azerbaijan will take appropriate measures against those trying to turn mosques into political arena, said Mubariz Gurbanli, chairman of the State Committee for Work with Religious Organizations.

Legitimate imams have to work in mosques, Gurbanli said. “Sermons in mosques should be delivered by legitimate imams. However, today illegitimate imams deliver sermons in mosques in Nardaran. Only one mosque in Nardaran is state-registered. Germs of radicalism should be eliminated in Nardaran and other places. We must defend traditional Islam – the Sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad,” he noted.

According to him, restrictions will be imposed on those who want to receive religious education abroad. “Because, a 17-year-old man wants to bring to Azerbaijan what he saw in the country in which he studied.”

Gurbanli said it is necessary to continue religious reforms to form the perfect shape of state-religion relations.

Any interference in the ideology of secularism and Azerbaijanism will be prevented, he said. “The government has always made concessions. The CMO chairman was also involved in addressing these issues. We could not tolerate it forever. We also have tolerance limit. Azerbaijan is based on the principles of the secularism. Everyone sees what is happening in the Islamic world. We witness the fact that other countries use several groups that are operating under the guise of Islam.”

Gurbanli went on to add that the CMO chairman has made significant contributions to the regulation of state-religion relations. “There are laws of the country and the CMO has adopted the Charter. We must not allow the application of state model of other countries in Azerbaijan. We cannot allow anyone to turn mosque into political arena. Islam is a religion that connects human with Allah.”