Azerbaijan to prosecute journalists over inaccurate information dissemination from site of operation against religious extremism

Baku: Journalists will be prosecuted over disseminating inaccurate information from the site of operation against religious extremism, said Siyavush Novruzov, chairman of the parliamentary Committee on public associations and religious organizations.

He made the remarks on Friday during a discussion of the draft law on combating religious extremism at the parliament.

Novruzov said that journalists should be responsible in this matter.

According to him, the recent developments show that people should be vigilant. “No one must be allowed to establish any illegal religious body. Azerbaijani citizens have determined the state structure enjoying their rights. However, some people, who went through religious training, are openly operating in several places to violate our state structure. Yesterday we held a meeting in the Caucasian Muslims Office on Nardaran incidents. The people undergoing religious trainings in various countries are doing this work”, he said.