Azerbaijan to produce computer equipment

By: Nigar Orujova

Azerbaijan is set to produce computers for children and computer equipment for international companies.

This was said at a press conference before the telecommunication and information technology exhibition “BakuTel 2014”, the largest ICT event in the region that will open on December 2.

Intel Corporation, a US multinational corporation will establish production of children’s computers (Classmate PC), intended for schoolchildren, Vice-President of Intel John Davis said on December 1.

He said, currently manufacturing facilities of the company are located in six countries. Along with this, the company has been manufacturing computers through intermediary of local companies.

“This practice is now being implemented in seven countries, where operating plants are producing computers, for children. These manufacturing facilities are now operating in Argentina, Portugal, several countries of Africa. It is possible that this type of plants will also start functioning in Azerbaijan,” Davis noted.

The vice-president said for the implementation of this project it is necessary to cooperate with local producers and learn more about the local channels.

Moreover, Acer Inc., Taiwan-based multinational hardware and electronics corporation will start manufacturing computer equipment in Azerbaijan, the Azerbaijani Deputy Communications and High Technologies Minister, Elmir Velizade said.

He said the deployment of production in Azerbaijan is planned to be carried out jointly with the KUR plant for production of computer equipment.

The produced equipment will be based on the processors and chips from the US-based multinational corporation Intel.

This year, Bakutel will bring together more than 250 companies from 23 countries, including leading ICT companies, Azerbaijani mobile operators, telecom operators, internet service providers, system integrators, distributors of famous brands, 40 percent of which are regular participants.