Azerbaijan to plunge into world of luxury

By: Amina Nazarli

Four Seasons Hotel in Baku will open its doors for the “Jewels of the World” exhibition from October 29 to November 2.

Jewelry craftsmanship is one of the oldest and most successful designs and crafts, and Jewelers are considered chosen people, because they can create where philistine fantasy dries.

This autumn, Baku is offering a new tradition to the world, combining jewelers’ art with visual art, thus transforming Jewels of the World in Art and Jewels of the World 2014.

French and international galleries will join the world’s luxurious and leading jewelry brands by presenting their best works of art.

Visitors of the exhibition will be able to evaluate, enjoy, and try the unique creations of jewelry, see the works of international artists, and have an opportunity to talk with fashion house and gallery presenters.

“Jewels of the World Baku” provides an opportunity for its clients to enter a new market and forge new relationships in the best possible conditions. Azerbaijan is located at the crossroads between Asia, Europe, and the Middle-East, and has always been a key intersection on the ancient Silk Road, and Baku’s historic city center is a testament to centuries of commercial and cultural activities.

The participating jewelers will present their exceptional and unique pieces, which have never been exposed before, in Baku. Some jewelers designed one-of-a-kind pieces for this selective and distinguished clientele. Both the visitors and the jewelers report remarkable interest in exceptional pieces.

Jeweler’s art is represented by brands such as Al Nahar, Avenue, Brigitte Ermel, Grande Luxe, Michael Young, Quinting Watches, RCM Gioielli, Shakh Diamond, Suzanne Syz Art Jewels. World Art Gallery will present the following: YAY Gallery, Berko Fine Paintings, Boccara Gallery, Maison D’Art, and Ruzhnikov.

A special tasting program by Johnnie Walker is awaiting the guests as well.

Spring of 2013 was the starting point for the annual exhibition “Jewels of the World” in one of the capital’s most beautiful hotels, Four Seasons Hotel Baku, Azerbaijan.