Azerbaijan to become regional safety leader

By: Sara Rajabova

Azerbaijan is on the right track to become regional safety leader, according to Safety Leadership Summit organizers and their research among Azerbaijani business leaders.

Workplace safety is a big issue globally. According to International Labour Organization, every 15 seconds a worker dies from a work-related accident or disease somewhere in the world. Every 15 seconds, while these statistics are alarming, Azerbaijani business leaders believe that things are on the right track in the country.

Research among 100 business and health and safety leaders from Azerbaijan showed that 93 percent of workers are following safety rules thoroughly. 39 percent of business leaders believe that safety rules are always followed, with 28 percent and 26 percent believing safety procedures are followed very often and often, respectively.

Also, employees are actively participating in improving safety environment. More than 60 percent of leaders claim their employees are proactively expressing themselves if they see potential of safety improvement, with only 20 perxcent of leaders being disappointed with proactivity of the workforce.

The survey was conducted as part of the upcoming Safety Leadership Summit in Baku, organized by Rovshan Oguz Group and Fleming.

SOURCE: Azer News