Azerbaijan-produced sniper rifles already tested

Baku: Rashad Suleymanov; Sniper rifles produced by the engineers of Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Defense Industry have already been tested, the Azerbaijani delegation participated in DSA-2014 exhibition in Malaysia told APA.

Advisor of the Defense Industry Ministry Azad Mammadov said that firing tests of 12.7 mm-caliber “Mubariz” sniper rifle named in the honor of national hero Mubariz Ibrahimov have already been completed. Works are underway to modernize 14.5-caliber “Istiglal-T” rifle. During the modernization, the weight of “Istiglal-T” has been reduced up to 5 kg. The tests of 7.62x51mm-caliber “Yalguzag” sniper rifle have reached the final stage.

“Taking into the results of the tests, the weapons have been modernized. It is planned to equip “Mubariz” rifle with a modern telescope sight,” Mammadov said.

The delegation told APA that several countries have already appealed for the sale of “Istiglal” sniper rifle.

“Istiglal” is an anti-material sniper rifle and used against the Armenian Army on the frontline. The rifle successfully passed all exams.