Azerbaijan planning to use drones in agriculture

By: Nigar Orujova

Azerbaijan has launched its first domestic-made drone entitled Simurq. The aircraft was unveiled at the First Republican Exhibition of Intellectual Property and Innovations held in Baku.

Rizvan Gasimov, a design engineer, said the device can be used in various industries, for example, in cartography, emergency situations and agriculture.

“Simurq drone has an effective camera and stabilization system,” Gasimov said. “The radius of the surveillance of the device reaches 10 kilometers. Simurq is able to work 17-30 minutes in the off-line mode.”

A number of organizations in Azerbaijan have already showed their interest in using this aircraft, the engineer added.

At present, foreign models of the device are used by the Emergency Situations Ministry.

Such aircrafts can be used in many other areas. Many countries use drones in different ways. In Japan, the drones are used on the rice fields. High definition image makes it possible to pinpoint the problem areas of a field.

In Mexico, the devices are used not only in agriculture, but also in the fight against drug trafficking.

Some other countries use drones to patrol their borders, to monitor construction projects and to deliver medicines to remote areas.

Azerbaijan, the natural resources rich country, has also diversified its economy by non-oil sector, where high technologies take the leading position. Today, the country is one of the leading state in terms of information and communication technologies in the region.