Azerbaijan oil platform fire: Amount of compensation to be paid to each affected oilman’s family announced

Baku: Azerbaijan’s Minister of Labor and Social Protection Salim Muslimov on Tuesday announced the amount of compensation to be paid to the family of each oilman affected by a fire on SOCAR’s offshore oil platform.

The minister said that AZN 80,000 will be paid to the families of 30-35 year-old dead oil workers who had 3 children and earned AZN 600-650 per month: “This amount may be increased to AZN 140,000 depending on salary, work experience, number of family members. All of these are regulated by the Law on “Compulsory insurance against professional disability resulting from industrial accident and occupational disease””.

The minister added that degree of disability of the injured oil workers will be determined.

Muslumov noted that each of 66 oil workers worked with the labour contract.