Azerbaijan makes amendments to law on military duty and military service

Baku: The Azerbaijani Parliament discussed Tuesday a bill on amendments to the law on military duty and military service.

Ziyafat Asgarov, Chairman of the Parliament’s Defense and Security Committee, spoke about the bill, APA reports.

He said the amendments proposed to the law are aimed at further improvement of military registration. According to the edition of article 2.0.5 of the law, military registration – all recruits and persons liable for call-up for the purpose of completing the Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan and other military forming created in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan with staff at a relevant organ of the executive authority connected to their residence.

Z. Asgarov said the bill also includes articles on persons not to be recruited into the army and those ineligible for military service in both peacetime and wartime.

According to article 28.6 annexed to the law, military cards are given to citizens drafted to active military duty, cadets of special-purpose educational institutions producing servicemen, citizens registered as illegible for active military service in both peacetime and wartime, transferred from active military duty to reserve under the decision of the military commissariat, 19 to 40-year-old women registered for voluntary military service and reserve officers.

After discussions the bill was put to the vote and approved.