Azerbaijan leads Europe on natural population growth

By: Amina Nazarli

The population of Azerbaijan has increased by 75,400 people or about 0.8 percent reaching 9,552 million people since early 2014, according to the State Statistics Committee.

The country is leading European countries in terms of natural population growth, which in turn contributes to the development of economy.

Vugar Bayramov, an expert in economy said that the population growth in each country depends not only on consciousness or mentality, but also the economic situation, medical advances, improved life quality and other factors contributing to the extension of life.

Rejuvenation of the population in the developing countries is a positive factor which leads to economic development.

“Azerbaijan’s profit rate has increased by 5.4 percent and its inflation by 1.5 percent for this year. This means that the economic growth of the county has outnumbered the inflation growth,” Bayramov said.

Bayramov said the growing rate of income in Azerbaijan partly enables parents to have more children. “Taking into account the rate of population development in Azerbaijan in 1990s, we see a significant growth in the number of population in 2013,” he added.

Based on the statistics for the eight months of 2014, a total of 112,000 children were born in Azerbaijan, 53.6 percent of them were boys and 46.4 percent, girls. During the given period, there were registered 37,300 deaths.

Working-age population is also growing. They not only consume but also produce goods. This produces more national income, which also creates favorable conditions for GDP growth.

The density of population in Azerbaijan is 110 people per square kilometer. The ration is 1,000 men to 1,011 women. The share of urban population is 53.2 percent, whilst the rural population stands at 46.8 percent.

Azerbaijan also records influx of immigrants. During the first eight month of 2014, 1,299 people arrived in the country and 575 people left it.

The natural population growth means new workforce. It will reduce the need of the government for migrant workers and will give a chance for the country’s citizens to meet domestic demands.

The “Azerbaijan 2020: Look into the future” Concept of Development reads that during the period covered by the concept, the country’s population will increase by 1.1 per cent a year on average and is expected to total about 10.2 million in 2020.


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