“Azerbaijan – land of tolerance” exhibition kicks off in Israel

“Azerbaijan – land of tolerance” photo exhibition has been held in the Israeli city of Nesher, AzerTag state news agency reported.

The event was organized by Israel-Azerbaijan International Association (AZIZ) in partnership with the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and National Tolerance Center.

The event featured demonstration of “Azerbaijan through the eyes of Israeli journalists” documentary and a concert.

Speaking at the event, director of Azerbaijan Culture Center under AZIZ Yegana Salman said the event is aimed to raise the awareness of those who do not know about tolerance in Azerbaijan.

“Many people have discovered Azerbaijan thanks to our cultural and scientific events. The exhibition in Nesher has also aroused great interest. Visitors view with interest photos of old mosques, churches and synagogues in Azerbaijan, Salman said.

The city of Nesher is home to 150 people of Azerbaijani origin.