Azerbaijan holding exercises with elements close to state of war – VİDEO

Baku: In accordance with the plan approved by Defense Ministry, Colonel General Zakir Hasanov, the Armed Forces’ compounds, formations and units are undergoing operational-tactical, tactical and special-tactical exercises in order to check combat readiness.

The exercises, aimed at creating interaction among infantry, tank and other troops at all level and performance of combat tasks, are being conducted with elements close to state of war, such as any kind of weather and climate and difficult relief as well as live firing in the conditions of limited vision and nighttime, the Defense Ministry said.

Commanders of the formations and units participating in the exercises are successfully directing troops, and personnel successfully performing tasks of proper use of weapons, skills of exploiting military hardware.

Personnel of the tank, PDM, and artillery installations standing out with high skills and combat readiness as well as those of air defense and infantry units were encouraged by the exercise leadership and the command staff.