Azerbaijan Defense Ministry: Armenia suffered over 100 casualties throughout a year

Baku: “Reports released by Armenian media on losing total of 63 servicemen, of which 33 of them are combat casualties, are ridiculous”, APA reports quoting Defense Ministry.

According to the ministry, believing this figures is credulity: “Because, the statistics don’t reflect the truth and distorts the existing situation.

This news of Armenian media satisfies only the leadership of the criminal regime and aims to calm Armenian public opinion.

If we cite figures released by only official information websites, NGOs and organizations of mothers of soldiers, as well as opposite media, a situation may be appear partly close to exact number of casualties.

In reality, Armenia halves number of casualties. It’s known that Armenians hide facts that their servicemen, civilians which are forcibly armed and deployed to the frontline, as well as mercenaries from the Near East are destroyed by Azerbaijani servicemen. If we calculate these casualties, it’s clear that Armenian side suffered over 100 casualties on the frontline”.