Azerbaijan cuts import from Georgia

By: Nigar Orujova

Azerbaijan continues last year’s cut down of the import from Georgia with about 40 percent decrease in January-February 2015.

The goods imports from Georgia fell by 38.4 percent, the National Statistics Office of Georgia reported on the foreign trade for the first two months of this year.

The report said that in January-February, Georgia exported goods worth $45.9 million, which is 14.2 percent from the overall Georgian export. In comparison, during the same period of last year, Georgia exported goods worth $74.5 million to Azerbaijan.

The goods mostly imported from Georgia to Azerbaijan are cars, cattle, cement, steel reinforcement and other products.

The most part of the import from Georgia consisted of cars brought to this country from America and Europe. However, introduction of the Euro 4 ecological standard in Azerbaijan last April has cut this business.

Trade turnover between the two countries in this two months amounted to $146.6 million, which makes 10.2 percent of total foreign trade of Georgia. This index is 21.9 percent less than it was the same period last year.

For comparison, in January-February 2014 the trade turnover between the two countries amounted to $187.7 million.

Meanwhile, Georgia also cuts imports of Azerbaijani products. In January-February 2015, Georgia imported products amounting to $100.7 million from Azerbaijan, the Gruzstat said.

The volume of imports from Azerbaijan to Georgia fell by 15 percent, according to the report. For comparison, during the same period in 2014, Georgia imported Azerbaijani goods worth $118.5 million.

Azerbaijan takes the second place in the list of countries Georgian imports the products. The share of Azerbaijan’s exported goods in total amount of goods imported in Georgia is 9.1 percent.

The main items of Georgian import from Azerbaijan are gasoline, oil, building materials, electricity, glass, margarine and other products.

The most part of the goods Georgia imports from Turkey. In January-February of this year, the volume of Georgian imports from Turkey amounted to $198.29 million, or 17.9 percent of total imports.

China ranks the second with $97.7 million and a weight of 8.8 percent of the total Georgian imports.