Azerbaijan clarifies issue of insurance to be paid to martyrs’ families, disabled veterans

Baku: The Azerbaijani Parliament has clarified concerns over the insurance to be paid to martyrs’ families and disabled veterans.

Deputy chairman of the parliament’s social policy committee Musa Guliyev told APA that the problem was caused by the fact that servicemen who are to get insurance or their relatives had not made a request in time.

According to the insurance legislation, M. Guliyev said, the servicemen himself or his legal heir has to get insurance by applying to the State Insurance Company in two years.

“But most of them, for various reasons, have not made a request in time, and therefore failed to receive insurance premiums. In 2013, an amendment was made to the legislation on a limitless period of payment of insurance. That is, the limitations on one receiving insurance premiums in two years were lifted. Later on, plenty of requests began to be made on getting insurance premiums. But this time another problem came up. The problem is, insurance premiums were AZN 1,100 by prior to 2006, while AZN 11,000 subsequent to 2006. Right now, there is no problem with the families of persons martyred after 2006 and with those having obtained the disability status. The problem basically occurs with those who were to obtain insurance prior to 2006. They demand AZN 11,000 insurance. However, the amount of insurance that time was AZN 1,100 according to the law. This is the crux of the matter,” said Guliyev, adding that this is not salary or stipend or allowance.

He said this is insurance and is paid from the fund formed as a result of funds transferred to a particular company based on a contract, noting that the then-allocated funds were AZN 1,100, so the State Insurance Company is unable to pay the amount they demand – AZN 11,000.

The committee deputy chairman noted that the Ministry of Finance is dealing with this problem along with the parliament: “The Azerbaijani state never leaves its citizens helpless and always does what is best for them”.

M. Guliyev said the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court have also made a decision on this issue: “The government is working on this matter. This problem will hopefully be solved”.

M. Guliyev said the media is exaggerating the number of those were not able to get insurance: “Conflicts came about with nearly 9,000 people. This situation is not unequivocal either. Some of them have obtained their insurance in time. Now, after the amendments, they are thinking of receiving AZN 11,000 as others do. Some others are ones injured in battles, but their disability degrees are yet to be determined. In short, there are people here from all categories. Anyway, these things are all being investigated”.

The MP added that the state has in fact done what had to do, paying the insurance company a relevant amount in time.

“The problem simply rests with the fact that the legal situation has now changed and citizens today are making their requests which they did not make in time,” M. Guliyev completed.