Azerbaijan celebrating Novruz holiday

Baku: Like many countries in the world, Azerbaijan too is celebrating Novruz holiday today.

Novruz – literally “New Day” in Persian – is a national holiday symbolizing the arrival of spring, APA reported.

Novruz is when astronomic spring begins in northern hemisphere and vernal equinox occurs (March 20, 21 or 22). Some folks have related the coming of spring with the awakening of nature, making celebrations on this occasion and marking it as the beginning of the new year.

Since ancient times, Azerbaijani Turks, along with other eastern peoples such as Iranians, Afghans, Tajiks, Uzbeks, etc. have been celebrating the advent of spring – the new year.

On 30 September 2009, UNESCO listed Novruz as a non-material cultural heritage. On 23 February 2010, the UN declared the 21st of March as “International Novruz Day”.

This holiday is very popular in Azerbaijan, too. Holiday events are held throughout the country.

Note that, this year the spring season begins in Azerbaijan on March 21 about 2:45 AM Baku time. That means 20 March is the night of holiday in Azerbaijan, and 21 March is the holiday.