Azerbaijan celebrates Last Tuesday of Novruz Holiday

Baku: Today, Azerbaijan celebrates Last Tuesday (Ilakhir Chershenbe) of Novruz Holiday.

On the last Tuesday of the holiday, land wakes up and begins to breathe. The last Tuesday of Novruz is called “Yer Carsanbasi”(Earth Tuesday), “Ilaxır Carsanba”(Last Tuesday) or “Torpaq Carsanbasi”(Land Tuesday).

The Last Tuesday of Novruz, is celebrated by making a bonfire and everyone regardless of his/her age and sex should jump over the blessed fire at least seven times. Seven times jumping over the same bonfire or one time over seven bonfires. As this rite is being honored, one should said: “My yellowness is for you, your redness is for me”.

The fire is never extinguished by water. It goes out by itself and then, boys and girls collect its ashes and throw it far away from native home. All this procedure means that the Redemption is done with ashes thrown away.

This Tuesday evening is considered as the most festive with candles on the table, dishes cooked and sweets prepared. People are celebrating the awakening of earth on this day. Traditions say that every member of the family should be at home during the first day of the holiday.

People believe: “If you will not be at home during the first day of Novruz, so you will miss it seven next years”. In ancient times, external door was never closed as a rule. Light is always switched on during the first day of Novruz because the extinguished fire predicts misfortune.

On the occasion Last Tuesday celebrations will be held in Baku. At 11:00, the festive caravan, featuring characters of Novruz, will start its route from the Old City Metro Station. Festive caravan will participate in the festivities, which will be organized in the park near the Fizuli Square, on Azadlig Square, at the Crystal Fountain near the “Koroghlu” metro station and in the Samad Vurgun park. At 18:30, on the square “Ganjlik”(Youth) situated opposite to the Double Fortress Gates (Gosha Gala) will be diluted bonfire. The audience will also be able to enjoy a concert and fireworks.

Azerbaijan will have 9 non-working days during Novruz Holiday. Spring will come to Azerbaijan on March 21 at 02:45.

SOURCE: Azeri-Press News Agency