Azerbaijan brings suit against BP for harming environment

Baku: The results of an investigation into the fact that some drilling mud has been discharged into the Caspian Sea on March 5 during a drilling process in a well in one of the drilling platforms belonging to BP have been announced.

Spokesperson for the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources Irada Ibrahimova told APA that during the drilling some drilling fluid has discharged into the sea at a depth of 530 meters because of the breaching of technological regulations as the pipeline that is part of the technological process was descended into the well.

“Employees of the ministry have taken samples from where the mud flew into and the source it originated from. Ecotoxicological analyses have been conducted. According to the results, there are no signs of the sea being contaminated with oil or other toxic substances. However, substances with low toxicity were discovered in the drilling mud. We have brought suit of AZN 12,300 against BP Company,” said the spokesperson.

The Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources has sent a prompt expedition to the site to investigate the fact that Ultradril drilling mud was discharged out of the Istiqlal Offshore Floating drilling Installation into the Caspian Sea on March 5.