Azerbaijan bans strange baby names ‘Frunze’, ‘Newton’, ‘Galileo’

Baku: “We have over the past month received up to 20 requests from ASAN Service centers in regard to strange names given to babies,” Sayali Sadiqova, Deputy chairperson of the Terminology Commission under the Cabinet of Ministers, said in a statement to APA.

Requests received from ASAN Service centers make it clear that parents want to name their babies “Ingilis (English)”, “Frunze”, “Newton”, and “Galileo”.

“We put a definitive ban on these names,” said Sayali Sadiqova, adding that about 200 names alien to our language – mostly borrowed – have been banned over recent years.

The deputy chairperson said there is a need for a special dictionary of names.

“It would be very nice to have a dictionary of names. And that would be helpful for registration departments, too,” she said.