Azerbaijan applies new procedures for declaring goods, vehicles

The goods and vehicles transported through the customs border of Azerbaijan will be declared under the new rules from November 1, 2014.

The rules approved by the Cabinet of Ministers on July 22 were published in the official press on August 1.

The rules apply to those goods and vehicles imported and exported from the country.

For individuals passing through the customs border, a system of “green” and “red” channels will be created to simplify the procedure of declaring goods. Individuals can use the “green” channel when declaring the goods orally, except unescorted baggage and goods sent by international mail. In this case, a preferential order of transporting goods is envisaged. Thus, while declaring the goods, they are exempt from customs procedures, customs payments and trade policy measures.

“Green” channel can be chosen by physical entities transporting goods which are not subject to mandatory written declaration. In other cases, physical entities must follow the “red” channel. At the same time, they must deliver a simplified declaration in a written or an electronic form.

The goods imported by business entities into the country’s customs territory can be declared within 15 days. The individuals systematically transporting goods and vehicles through the customs border can declare the goods up to 30 days. It is allowed to conduct this as part of one periodic declaration. These conditions apply when three or more batches were delivered.

When a vehicle approaches the customs territory, the customs bodies must be informed one hour prior to arrival. The vehicles without cargo and passengers, applied to air, rail, sea and road transport, used in international transportation, are declared in accordance with the requirements of the Customs Code.