Ayelet Shaked or YIldIz Tilbe?

Ayelet Shaked or YIldIz Tilbe?What kind of ignorance, rage and hate is this? Do you necessarily have to be an anti-Semite in order to object to the massacres carried out by the Israeli government in Gaza? Can’t we just criticize without being racist or discriminatory? While criticizing the situation in Gaza, [Turkish pop singer] YIldIz Tilbe wrote on her social media account that [Adolf] Hitler had done a good job. Before uttering a sentence like this, someone with a heart and a conscience should think 1,000 times.

How could Hitler have done a good job by committing the Holocaust, killing 6 million people, including women and children, in gas chambers and concentration camps just for being Jews? The same person who said this also said, “My heart is burning, I am a mother, too.” Are there any mothers whose hearts don’t burn for the babies killed in Gaza? Indeed, Tilbe’s remark is no different from that of Israeli deputy Ayelet Shaked, who recently said that Palestinian mothers should be killed.

They are from different countries, but racism has no nationality. (EYuP CAN, RADIKAL.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman