AvtoVAZ may return to Azerbaijan

By: Amina Nazarli

Russian automaker “AvtoVAZ” intends to return to CIS countries, including Azerbaijan, the president of the company, Bo Andersson, stressed.

The main task of the company, Andersson said, is to ensure the previous sales level in Russia, and then in the CIS.

“In the near future, the company intends to return to the markets of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus. The most right thing is to do the export properly. In the past, it destroyed our reputation, rather than enhance it. If you do not have the right partners, you will fail,” Andersson added.

AvtoVAZ is one of the largest car manufacturers in Eastern Europe. Today, the production capacity of the company allows producing about one million cars and car sets a year. Since 1970, the plant has produced more than 28 million LADA cars.

On November 24, AvtoVAZ released to sale new Lada Vesta, the most equipped car in its segment in the base version, according to the company.

Andersson noted that Lada Vesta must to become the best Russian car for 2015.

The automobile is expected to have anti-lock braking system, Electronic Stability System, airbag and Emergency Alert System “ERA GLONASS.”

In January-October 2015, Azerbaijan imported 24,219 vehicles, while in the same period of 2014 the number of cars stood at 52,086.