Attacking the Kurdish party: toward chaos?

You may remember that I have been writing insistently that the Justice and Development Partyand’s (AKP) harsh attitude toward the Kurdish party, the Peoplesand’ Democratic Party (HDP), may create chaos in the country. A few days ago, the HDP offices in two different cities were bombed and several people were injured.
The AKPand’s tactic of blaming the Hizmet (Gandulen) movement for every terrible act is no longer working and almost everybody pointed their finger at the AKP. The HPD has been attacked many times during recent months, and I am concerned that the AKP government may continue to increase the tension and not protect — to say the least — the HDP. What is more, if the HDP cannot pass the threshold, millions of people and almost all HDP voters will automatically blame the main suspect, the AKP, and this will only create chaos in Turkey. Credible polls show a decreasing trend in AKP votes and an increasing trend in HDP votes, their estimates ranging between 38-42 percent for the AKP and 10-13 percent for the HDP. If the AKP gets around 43-45 percent and the HDP just below the draconian 10 percent threshold, the AKP will continue to establish its despotism in the country. As I wrote previously, pro-AKP pollsters are trying to get people ready for rigged results that would deliver a 43-45 percent AKP vote and a 9.8-9.9 percent HDP vote. However, most probably their game will not work, since now everybody is talking about this, and similar to the bombing of HDP offices, the AKP will be automatically accused of being vote-thieves. Even around 25 percent of AKP voters tell the pollsters that they believe that the elections will be rigged! Let me reiterate what I wrot a while ago and warn AKP officials again. I am sure that this will fall on deaf ears, but this is for the record so that they cannot blame anyone else for the catastrophe and chaos that they are creating knowingly in their despair. For the first time in Turkeyand’s history of democratic elections, about half of the population does not believe that the elections will not be rigged. The millions of Kurds who support the HDP think that this is their last chance to be an equal citizen in a democratic Turkey. About 80 percent of them believe that the AKP will steal their votes. They know very well that even AKP polls that are not public show the HDP votes at around 12 percent. And nobody will be able to convince them otherwise even if the HDP does fail to pass the threshold. We have passed that stage. The AKP faces a vital dilemma. If it does not rig the elections and allows the HDP to pass the threshold, it will not have the majority of seats in Parliament. That would mean that the rule of law could come to Turkey, paving the way for eventual court cases for AKP officials and bureaucrats for their innumerable crimes. Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoilu would not mind, since that could mean the removal of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, but Erdogan, of course, does not want that and he will use the National Intelligence Organization (MiT) to rig the elections, especially at the computerization stage. Millions of fake votes and votes for the opposition parties will be added to the AKP total. They did this in the local elections at a lesser level and they can do it again. No judge can dare to question this! Yet, this is the dilemma. Even if they retain their power by stealing the votes of the HDP, the Kurds will increase their support for the Kurdistan Workersand’ Party (PKK) and this will create a de facto divided Turkey. The choice is the AKPand’s!

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman