Association encourages entrepreneurship among women

The number of women entrepreneurs in Turkey should be increased, with a heightened focus on educating potential female investors, a local association said on Thursday.
The Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey (KAGiDER) on Thursday launched a project called Pusula — compass in Turkish — to educate women on how to become entrepreneurs.
and”Women learn from women,and” stated KAGiDER Chairwoman Sanem Oktar during Thursdayand’s meeting in Istanbul, adding: and”If women see a successful woman, and are mentored by her then they believe andlsquoYes, I can do this too. If she has achieved this, then I can be successful as well.and’and” Oktay explained, and”Our goal is to increase the number of women entrepreneurs and to increase employment rates for women. When we look at the figures in Turkey, we see that there are 108,000 female entrepreneurs. andhellip When we look at the employment rate of women, it is 29 percent.and”
She also noted that encouraging women to become entrepreneurs is not only beneficial for those women but for society and the economy in general because they then make investments and create jobs. and”Therefore, women becoming entrepreneurs leads to the enrichment of society,and” Oktay added. and”There is still wage inequality, and when we look at the number of women working for companies, it is only at 10 percent. These figures need to be raised. andhellip We as KAGiDER help women who realize they would like to become entrepreneurs and teach them how to achieve this through education, mentoring and financing,and” the chairwoman stated.
KAGiDERand’s Pusula project is a website being constructed to achieve their goal of helping women become entrepreneurs. It will provide in-depth video tutorials about the field of business.
iule Yanduksel, member of the board of directors for the association, described some of the logistics behind the project, explaining that the educational websiteand’s technical framework has been finished as far as coding is concerned. On Thursday the association essentially passed the torch of the project to Isik University Rector iirin Tekinay to execute the project in terms of what it will provide educationally. The completion date of the website is unclear, but KAGiDER and the rector promise to be meticulous in their preparation before making it available to the public. Tekinay added that to pave the road for what she termed a and”womenand’s solution,and” university level education for entrepreneurship is key.


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