Asef Hajiyev: Writing letter, asking for extra assurance over Baku meeting another game of Armenian side

Baku: “The meeting of the commissions of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (PABSEC) is usually joined by 6 to 8 countries. We had planned 11 countries to join the 45th meeting of the Assembly’s Legal and Political Affairs Committee. At the last moment, the head of the Moldavian delegation could not come because of a personal matter but called me up and reaffirmed his support. 10 countries are participating in the meeting. But Armenia displayed a destructive position as usual, writing letters of different contents not to attend the meeting,” PABSEC Secretary General Asef Hajiyev told journalists.

The secretary general said Azerbaijan has given and still gives necessary assurances to the Armenian side over the PABSEC meetings in Baku.

“Writing letters and asking for extra assurances over the Baku meeting is therefore another game of the Armenian side. A few years ago, Baku hosted the meeting of the Assembly and the international secretariat sent an invitation to Armenia.

The Armenian side initially said they have not received an invitation. But when the secretary general affirmed the sending of the invitation, they said “we have lost it”. Now, if an official document is lost at the parliamentary level, it’s indicative of the parliament’s lack of seriousness. It’s every country’s own business to attend or not the meetings. The organization continues operating,” Asef Hajiyev noted.

SOURCE: Azeri Press News Agency