ARZU KAYA – Understood, why peace is priceless!

Understood, why peace is priceless!Understood,it is more challenging to say “yes” to an encounter and “no” to a conflict.Understood,Most of us tend to listen with an eye for contradicting what we hear rather than understanding it.

Understood,Peace requires hard work, and that hard work can bring pain because it involves the loss of comfort.Understood,Peace is only possible if we speak the truth in love and listen with trust and good intentions.

Understood,Even though war seems necessary sometimes, still it is an illness that must be cured.Understood,For many of us it is more important to “win” the debate than to solve the problem ethically.

Understood,Most of us speak based on stereotypes and assumptions about others rather than their actual experiences.Understood,If we are serious about dealing with violence, we need to make a sincere effort to lessen our own distrust, hatred and aggression toward others.

Understood,Some of us like amusing ourselves by asking rhetorical questions to confuse others instead of asking questions to really help them to express their thoughts and opinions.Understood,It is easier to blame others than to take the responsibility of asking themUnderstood,Most of us listen to diminish and devalue rather than to strengthen and affirmUnderstood,Long-lasting peace cannot be imposed from the outside rather, it is born within and between communities through empathy and dialogue.

Understood,Fine literature is one crucial key to peace.Understood,Peace can only be achieved through understanding.

Understood,Peace is not a relationship of nations it is a state of mind of the people of the nations and lasting peace only possible with peaceful people.Understood,It’s not enough to talk about peace: We must believe in it and work at it.

Understood,The true and strong peace of nations only consists in mutual trust.Understood,Peace cannot be promising if people don’t refuse to go to warUnderstood,“peacemaking” takes much more courage than “warfare.

”*The above is based on quotes by thinkers, poets, intellectuals and others.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman