Artistic gymnastics developing in Azerbaijan

By: Amina Nazarli

Baku hosted the first tournament of women’s artistic gymnastics among young athletes on December 19.

This event was the first tournament of this kind since Azerbaijan gained independence, Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation Secretary General Farid Gaibov told Trend.

The first classes in women’s artistic gymnastics were held in late 2013. The tournament brought together children born between 2006-2009. The winners were awarded prizes and diplomas.

Gaibov said women’s artistic gymnastics was a popular sport in the country during the time of the former Soviet Union.

“So our goal is to revive this sport and make it popular again. Today’s tournament has become a kind of stimulus for young gymnasts. They were definitely worried and our goal [during the tournament] was to make them felt what a competition is, and why it is necessary to train in this sport. This is only the first step and other championships will also be held in future,” Gaibov said.

Women’s artistic gymnastics is an Olympic sport, which needs to be developed, according to Gaibov.

He also said it is not yet possible to speak about quick development of this sport in Azerbaijan, because it would take some years.

“We want to find the best gymnasts and establish a good team. So, it is necessary to open several sport clubs. Today, the selection is carried out mainly in sport clubs including Baku Gymnastics School and “Ojag” Sport Club.

“Moreover, there is also another place where children are being trained. After being selected, the chosen children would be trained by head coach in women’s artistic gymnastics,” Gaibov underscored.