Artillery of Azerbaijan Armed Forces targets military units of Armenian Army on frontline

Baku: The Azerbaijani Armed Forces has put its artillery on alert.

APA’s Karabakh bureau reports that the artillery divisions of the Azerbaijani Army along the frontline are on alert. Guns, mortars, reactive and self-propelled artillery systems are in a state targeting the back defensive posts and the points in the first echelon of the enemy.

“Our artillery batteries took their positions and are ready to battle. Our artillery systems are able to destroy far objects of the Armenian Army along the frontline and great destructive power”, an artillery officer said.

On the night of August 1-2 the Azerbaijani side has manufactured automated mortars and D-30 howitzers in order to thwart the large-scale subversive plans that Armenians intended to carry out in Terter direction. As a result, Armenians’ defensive positions and back points were destroyed.