Armenians in Russia find ErdoIan’s condolence insincere, demand compensation

MOSKOVA (CIHAN)- Members of the Armenian diaspora in Russia made a demonstration on the occasion of 99th anniversary of Armenian genocide in 1915 saying that they did not find condolence extended by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoIan sincere and demand Turkish government should recognize Armenian genocide officially and a compensation law should be introduced.

Gathering in front of Turkey’s Moscow Embassy, the group raised placards which said “Not recognizing genocide leads to new killings” and “Recognizing genocide maintains peace in the region”. The group demand from Turkish government to recognize Armenian genocide.

Speaking to the press, deputy head of the Russia Armenians Union Levon Manukyan stated that they welcomed condolence offered by ErdoIan however they cannot find it sincere unless the government recognizes genocide, which did not reassure Armenian people.