Armenian poet Zahrad’s latest translation into Turkish to come out on 91st birthday

Accomplished Armenian poet Zareh Yaldizciyan’s (pen name Zahrad), book of poetry “Keep your heart pure” has now been translated into Turkish and will be published on Sunday, which would have been the poet’s 91th birthday.

The newly translated book, published by Aras Publications, was the last remaining book of the poet that was not translated into Turkish. Ohannes iaikal translated the book, just as he translated the three previous books by the poet. The works of Zahrad have been translated into 22 different languages.

Zahrad was born in Istanbul’s Niiantaii neighborhood and attended the Private Pangalti Armenian High School in Istanbul. The Turkish citizen of Armenian heritage published his works in the Western Armenian language.

His wife, Anais Yaldizciyan, said: “He would live and breathe for poetry, he was in harmony with poetry. Poems were at the core of his being they were untouchable and they were his shield,” according to a report by CNN Turk.

An event will be held to commemorate the poet and introduce the new translation at the Cezayir conference hall at 5:00 p.m. in Istanbul’s Beyoilu district on Sunday with the participation of his wife, poet and writer Karin Karakaili, publisher Nazar Buyum and Armenian literature expert and editor for Jamanak daily Armenian newspaper Sevan Deiirmenciyan.

Zahrad passed away in February 2007 at the age of 82.