Armenian opposition declares boycott of parliament

Baku: A day after the referendum to modify Armenia’s constitution passed the opposition based HAK (Armenian National Congress) faction declared that it would be boycotting this session of parliament, the Armenian Hetq portal said.

The head of the party Zurabyan said that his party couldn’t sit down and work with the majority after yesterday’s referendum, the results of which, he described as totally falsified.

“There were instances of mass ballot box stuffing, violence, intimidation and bribery,” said Zurabyan.

National Assembly President Galoust Sahakyan then had Zurabyan’s microphone shut off.

Earlier, Edward Sharmazanov, the parliament’s vice-president, turned off the microphone of Heritage Party MP Zarouhie Postanjyan after she got up and addressed the legislature saying, “Yesterday, we all saw how the people went and voted against Serzh Sargsyan, for which we are thankful.

On December 6, referendum was held on constitutional reforms in Armenia. 63.35% of total voters supported the Constitutional amendments.