Armenia, Georgia keep polluting Kur,Araz rivers

By: Amina Nazarli

The National Monitoring Department on Environment of the Environment and Natural Resources Ministry of Azerbaijan has conducted a monitoring on the rivers Kur and Araz in the second decade of March.

The monitoring was aimed to study the level of pollution of the rivers and their branches.

As a result of contamination in Armenia and Georgia, the content of the biogenic matters in the Kur River exceeded the norm by several times, the ministry reported.

During the report period, the water flow in Kur, compared to the first decade of the same month, increased by 35 cubic meters per second and was 197 cubic meters per second.

The content of phenols exceeded the maximum permissible concentration by over four times in the Shikhli-2 site of the Agstafachay River.

A similar situation was observed in the Aghstafachay reservoir, Shikhli-2, as well as Araz River – Horadiz, Birinji Shahsevan, Bahramtapa points.

The oxygen regime of water at all points ranges within health standards.

The Ministry regularly conducts monitoring and studies of the two rivers and often the results are not encouraging.

The amount of nutrients, the composition of specific contaminants of phenol and copper compounds have exceeded the norm repeatedly over the years, and the situation has not changed so far.