Armenia, Georgia keep polluting Kur and Araz rivers

The National Monitoring Department on Environment of the Environment and Natural Resources Ministry of Azerbaijan has conducted a monitoring on the rivers Kur and Araz in the first decade of December.

The monitoring was aimed to study the level of pollution of the rivers and their branches.

The monitoring results revealed that the water flow due to the impact of untreated waste water and sewage industry dropped on the territory of Georgia and Armenia to the water, the amount of biogenic substances in the Kur River and its tributaries is much higher than normal, the ministry said.

The level of phenol and copper in the water has exceeded the norm in Aghstafachay River either.

A similar situation was observed in the Aghstafachay reservoir, Shikhli-2, as well as Araz River – Horadiz, Birinji Shahsevan, Bahramtapa points.

The oxygen regime of water at all points ranges within health standards.