Armenia confirms soldier killed on contact line

Baku: Armenia confirmed that its soldier was killed on the contact line of Armenian and Azerbaijani troops last night.

Armenian serviceman Erik Grigoryan, 20, has died after he received a gunshot wound in the fighting with Azerbaijani armed units.

According to the reports, he would have been demobilized today.

The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry said on Friday that in recent days, Armenian armed forces have attempted to expand their subversive activities along the contact line of troops. Armenian armed units, trying to take advantage of the military-political situation in the region, attempted to attack Azerbaijani positions on various parts of the contact line late Friday.

Azerbaijani armed units detected the enemy in advance and resolutely prevented the actions of the enemy. Armenian forces were forced to retreat by suffering heavy losses. The number of their losses is being specified. One Azerbaijani serviceman, ensign was wounded during the firefight. After receiving first aid, the serviceman was taken to a medical station. His condition is stable and under control.