ArIn slams Gkek’s ‘impertinent’ call for his dismissal from government

Deptuty Prime Minister Bulent ArIn has slammed what he said an “impertinent” call by Ankara Mayor Melih Gkek for his “immediate dismissal” from the government on the grounds that he is a member of the “parallel state,” saying Gkek is not “dignified enough” to make such a call. “This is first of all an impertinent statement,” ArIn said following a Cabinet meetin

Deptuty Prime Minister Banduumllent ArInandccedil has slammed what he said an andldquoimpertinentandrdquo call by Ankara Mayor Melih Gandoumlkandccedilek for his andldquoimmediate dismissalandrdquo from the government on the grounds that he is a member of the andldquoparallel state,andrdquo saying Gandoumlkandccedilek is not andquotdignified enoughandquot to make such a call.

andldquoThis is first of all an impertinent statement,andrdquo ArInandccedil said following a Cabinet meeting on Monday as he responded allegations by the Ankara mayorandrsquos that ArInandccedil, who recently spoke against Turkish President Recep Tayyip ErdoIanand#39s opinions on the course of the countryand#39s settlement process, is the andldquoparallel stateand#39sandrdquo inside man that will hit the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) from within. Gandoumlkandccedilek also called on the government to dismiss ArInandccedil if he resists resigning.

Stating that he consulted the ministers during the Cabinet meeting on how he should respond to these allegations, ArInandccedil said many of them aised him even not to give him the time of day. andldquoBut one should not leave without comment.

He is not dignified enough to call for my resignation,andrdquo ArInandccedil said.

ArInandccedil, who is among the founders of the AK Party, said he pondered resignation many times in the past but changed his mind.

andldquoMy cause is not related to love for a post, money or deceiving people. I am here for a cause which is to serve my nation.

andhellip You do not have the right to call on me to resign,andrdquo he said.

Noting that he pondered giving a andldquoheavyandrdquo response to Gandoumlkandccedilek but changed his mind due to his respect for Gandoumlkandccedilekandrsquos wife, Nevin Gandoumlkandccedilek, who ArInandccedil said is a religious and a charitable person.

The AK Party heavyweight added that he will avoid speaking more about Gandoumlkandccedilek in order not to harm the image of his party ahead of the June 7 parliamentary elections. andldquoBut I will talk about some 100 issues related to Gandoumlkandccedilek after June 7,andrdquo he said.

ArInandccedil also claimed that Gandoumlkandccedilek is andldquotrying to guaranteeandrdquo his son Osman Gandoumlkandccedilekandrsquos candidacy from the ruling party in the elections with his statements.

The deputy prime minister also linked Gandoumlkandccedilekandrsquos statements targeting him to his opposition to run as a mayoral candidate for Ankara in the 2009 and 2014 local elections.

andldquoI said it is enough. He does not befit Anlara I said he has nothing more to do.

But I respected my partyandrsquos decision. andhellip He is trying to take revenge on this.

I will also take revenge after June 7,andrdquo ArInandccedil said.

In his remarks posted on Twitter on Monday, Gandoumlkandccedilek, claimed that ArInandccediland#39s daughter and his son-in-law are from the andldquoparallel stateandrdquo — a term invented by ErdoIan to refer to sympathizers of the faith-based Hizmet movement, also known as the Ganduumllen movement, which he sees as responsible for a Dec.

17, 2013 graft probe — and ArInandccedil could not resist the pressure from his son-in-law and daughter He said ArInandccedil cannot be a government speaker any longer and called on the deputy prime minister to resign from his posts of government speaker and deputy prime minister

ArInandccedil said everyone knows his andldquosympathyandrdquo for the Hizmet movement but he sided with the president after the Dec. 17, 2013 corruption probe, which the AK Party says was carried out by sympathizers of the Hizmet movement.

The deputy prime minister claimed that it was Gandoumlkandccedilek who andldquosat in the lapandrdquo of the movement and andldquosold Ankara to this structure plot by plot.andrdquo

Gandoumlkandccedilek said later at night he would take legal action against ArInandccedil over his andquotinsultingandquot comments.


SOURCE: Today’s Zaman