ArIn: No comment yet on graft accusations against Ankara mayor

Deputy Prime Minister Bandulent Arinandc, who said he would reveal the extent of Ankara Mayor Melih GandOkandcekand’s corruption during his term as of June 8, has said that he will not yet make any comment on the issue.
In remarks made following a Cabinet meeting in late March, Arinandc said that he and”would like to talk about 100 issues related to GandOkandcek as of June 8,and” implying graft and bribery on GandOkandcekand’s part. However, Arinandc has made a U-turn and declared that he had never actually said he would do this on June 8 but rather sometime after. and”Today is still June 8,and” he added.
After the parliamentary election on Sunday, many Twitter users reminded Arinandc of his March statement and asked whether he would reveal those and”100 issuesand” against GandOkandcek on June 8 or not. When asked about the tweets on Monday, Arinandc said the time to talk about that which he earlier promised to reveal has not yet arrived for him.
GandOkandcek also reacted to successive tweets in which people called on Arinandc to fulfill his promise. In a statement made via his own Twitter account early on Monday, GandOkandcek said: and”I did not have any parliamentary immunity before. I still donand’t have it. Those who have any document against me and do not share those with the prosecutorand’s office are dishonest.and” In another tweet on Monday, GandOkandcek also said: and”I have never been afraid of anyone except God. I also want people to know this I also will not be afraid in the future.and”
The argument between Arinandc and GandOkandcek started after the latter alleged early on March 23 that Arinandc — who had made remarks opposing President Recep Tayyip Erdoganand’s opinions on the course of the countryand’s settlement process with regard to Turkeyand’s Kurdish question — is the and”parallel stateand’s inside manand” that will hit the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) from within and called on the government to dismiss Arinandc if he does not resign.
In his press conference following the March 23 Cabinet meeting, Arinandc said GandOkandcek was not and”dignified enoughand” to call for his resignation. GandOkandcek responded with a tweet late on March 23 that he would take legal action against Arinandc over his andquotinsultingandquot comments.
Arinandc then challenged GandOkandcekand’s threat of a lawsuit, implying that it would be GandOkandcek who would incur more damage should the issue be taken to court. Noting that evidence would also be brought before the court when a case was introduced on the issue, Arinandc told reporters in Parliament on Tuesday, and”I cannot say whether it will be the plaintiff or the defendant who will incur damage.and”
Arinandc had also said that he would avoid speaking more about GandOkandcek until that day in order to not harm the image of his party ahead of the June 7 election.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman