Arhavi environmentalists mobilize to protest third attempt at destruction of nature

Locals in Arhavi, in the Black Sea province of Artvin, have called for environmentalists to mobilize against the third attempt at the construction of a hydroelectric power plant (HES).
Despite being rejected in court twice before, another destructive environmental impact report (andcED) process has begun with a third application for approval of the HES project.
The first application was submitted three years ago for a 14 megawatt hydroelectric power plant in Kamilet Valley, which would carry water from the andciftekandOprandu and Kapisre creeks for a distance of five kilometers through tunnels and pipes to Cumhuriyet. Due to the potential harm and destruction of the environment, locals in the area refer to the planned HES plant as the and”Mad HES.and”
Despite the opposition of the Republican Peopleand’s Party (CHP) members of the City Council, the Justice and Development Party (AK Party)-led majority approved the request to recommence the application process for the project.
The municipalityand’s approval of the project was followed by demonstrations against HES construction in the region, and the Arhavi Natural Protection Platform filed a suit at the Rize Administrative Court against the andcED.
The report that was approved by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning was rejected in the first trial, with the court deciding that the report was not prepared according to andcED regulations.
After the initial cancelation of the project due to the court order, another andcED was prepared and passed by the ministry. Once again, locals mobilized demonstrations against the project and filed another suit against the ministry-approved report. The Rize Administrative Court canceled the project for a second time, citing seven separate ways in which the report was unlawful. The court noted that the ministry had not changed the report to follow the law and that the ministry had done just the opposite and continued with the report as it was.
Presently, planning for a third andcED for the HES project has begun, and a meeting open to the local public has been announced by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning for Nov. 5.
In a written statement, the Arhavi Natural Protection Platform stated: and”We will never cease our battle. Twice the andcED has been rejected for the Kavak HES project and now a third andcED process has begun. All the people of Arhavi and our friends who care about the environment will be there. We will not allow for a HES to be constructed in the middle of Arhavi, and we will show once again that we are against a HES.and”
h2 Bolu forests threatenedh2 In other recent news concerning grand scale projects that will cause harm to the natural environment, the Council of State has decided to open Bolu forestland for construction.
In a Cabinet decision published in the Official Gazette in August, the then-interim AK Party government zoned off 515 square kilometers of forest in Bolu for construction, endangering the provinceand’s reputation as one of Turkeyand’s greenest.
According to the decision, the area, measuring 51,450 hectares and located between the Kartalkaya Skiing Center and the Bolu-Karacasu Thermal Tourism Center, which includes pine and fir forests as well as lakes and campgrounds, has been named the KandOroilu Mountains Culture and Tourism Protection and Development Area.
The Bolu Governorand’s Office announced that the area would encompass forested land in the districts of Seben, Kibriscik and DandOrtdivan, as well as the Aladai camping grounds, Lake Aladai and the Seben Tailiyayla Lake, which is seven times bigger than Boluand’s famous Abant Lake. The office also noted that investments will be made in tourism in the area that will create new facilities for summer, winter and mountain sports.
Environmentalists and the Chamber of Architects argue the project goes against the Constitution and six international agreements for the and”protection of natural heritage.and”


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