Area within Beykoz Forest to be razed for political reasons

Kalyon Real Estate investment trust, which is allegedly affiliated with the ruling party, has received permission to construct a and”private education facilityand” in an area in Istanbuland’s Beykoz district, for which a previous construction proposal was rejected on the grounds that the area was a second-degree protected site within Beykoz Forest.
A report published in the Cumhuriyet daily on Monday states that the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning announced on Thursday that a private education facility can be constructed on the aforementioned site in Istanbuland’s Beykoz district. The report also notes that the Kalyon Group requested that the authorities declare the site as being suitable for the construction of a private educational facility, in other words, to remove the siteand’s protected status. The Kalyon group has already been given significant government privileges, including a role in the construction of Istanbuland’s third airport.
In early 2013, a proposal for the construction of houses in the same area in Beykoz district was discussed by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality city council. In order to protect Beykoz Forest, a report released by the council mentioned the proposed construction site as being located within an and”Area with a Critical Importance for Environmental Sustainability.and”
The city council report also stated that the structural conditions for the construction of the proposed housing project were not in accordance with environmental conditions and thus rejected the proposal. Permission for the construction of a private education facility in the same area was given to Kalyon Real Estate investment trust, which is affiliated with the ruling party, two years after the municipalityand’s rejection of the previous proposal. Republican Peopleand’s Party (CHP)ity council member Handuseyin Sai said, and”[the ruling party] continues to give presents to [their] partisans.and”
h2Kalyon Groupand’s projects worth almost TL 100 billionh2
Kalyon Group was included in the graft probe started in Dec. 17, 2013 which implicated senior government officials along with businessmen close to the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party). Former chairman of the board of the Kalyon Group Hasan Kalyoncu, who died in 2008, was known for his affiliation with top officials.
Kalyoncu, who had a good relationship with Turgut andOzal, the eighth president of Turkey, and Necmettin Erbakan, who was the prime minister of Turkey between 1996 and 1997, was also affiliated with then-AK Party Chairman Erdogan.
Kalyoncuand’s close relationship with the AK Party administration was reflected in his sonand’s wedding ceremony. Then-Foreign Affairs Minister Abdullah Gandul attended the wedding, along with then-Prime Minister Erdogan and then-Parliament Speaker Bandulent Arinandc, along with other 11 ministers.
Some claim that Kalyon Group, which is one of the most well-known construction companies in Turkey, was given projects worth around TL 100 billion by the government. The group was one of the members of the consortium which won a public tender for the construction of a line of the Istanbul MecidiyekandOy Metro project. The winning bid was TL 849 million.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman