Apartment of foreign nationals burns up in İstanbul

A fire broke out at a three-storey wooden building, in which some foreign nationals live, in İstanbul on Monday. Six people in building were rescued at the last moment.

The fire occurred at a three-storey wooden building, located in Divanefendi Street on Vefa Boulevard in Hoca Giyasettin neighborhood at around 00:00 a.m. The fire, reason of which has not been determined yet, grew up in a very short time. The flames wrapped all the building. Over the call of people, the police, fire fighters and ambulance were dispatched to the scene. Six Bangladeshi people, living in the building, took their stuff and came out of the building.

Arriving at the scene in a short time, the fire fighters took fire under control. The fire was extinguished in an half hour. According to the initial findings, not any people was injured or died.

A Bangladeshi man said that they did not figure out how the fire broke out.

An investigation was launched to determine the reason of fire.