APA Holding launches new project

Baku: APA Holding LLC has launched a new project – “Ekonomist.az” economic news portal. Russian-language “Ekonomist.az” gives operative and objective information about the most important ongoing economic, social, technological and other processes in the country.

The website covers latest news on the main sectors of Azerbaijan’s economy (fuel and energy complex, industry, agriculture, transport, social sphere, banking and financial sector, insurance and etc.).

“Ekonomist.az” also gives information about ICT and tourism sector. Highlighting securities market in the country, the website presents objective analytical reviews on economic developments, articles and interviews by famous experts on topical issues in the socio-economic life of the republic.

In “Ekonomist.az”, readers can get information about construction, transport sectors, latest news on personal property and real estate and the world’s leading car manufacturing companies. The news portal is available for monthly, quarterly and yearly statistics and reports.

The aim of the project is to become a source of accurate and objective information for economics and business representatives, as well as the largest audience of readers and allow them to properly understand social-economic developments and problems in the country and the world.