Another Night of Scheherazade to be staged in Baku

By: Amina Nazarli

“Another Night of Scheherazade ” is a play by Azerbaijani people’s artist Irana Tagizada. It will be performed at the Azerbaijan State Russian Drama Theatre – named after Samed Vurgun – on April 12.

The play takes its inspiration from the 1001 Nights. The playwright was written by Valentina Reznikova.

Talented artist, Ayan Mirkasimova will play the role of Scheherazade , while Firdovsi Atakishiyev will act as Shahriyar.

The story has been based on the eastern parables “1001 Nights”. It covers the relationship between man and woman. In this version, the audience will see the characters be put in different situations.

The performance will reflect many genres including: comedy and mystical thriller and offer viewers the chance to immerse themselves into a universe filled with passion, love and surprises. In between sorcerers, lovers and royalties, the play is filled with intrigue and passion.

Scheherazade and Shahryar will be at the center of all the drama. From mistrust, jealousy, rage, lust, and finally love, tenderness and passion, the play is as intense as it beautifully crafted.

The play cast: Elmira Aslanova, Teymur Rahimov, Yuriy Omelchenko, Murad Mammadov, Elshad Murtuzov, Inna Imranova, Bella Safina, Farida Nesterenko, Mariya Dubovickaya, Yegana Huseynli, Maya Vorobjanskaya, Olesa Gasimova, Tamilla Abutalibova, Jamila Atayeva and others.

Decorations – Alexander Fedorov, costumes – Olga Abbasova, choreography – Alexandra Nikushin, musical arrangement – Vladimir Neverov.

The play will be staged at 19:00. The address of the venue is Khagani street, 7 and tickets will be sold at 11 and 15 manats.