Andrei Kazantsev: “The United States understood that Russia can’t be ignored on important issues”

Moscow: “While the crisis in Ukraine continues, we cannot speak about the Russian-American rapprochement,” said political analyst Andrei Kazantsev to APA’s Moscow correspondent commenting on the visit of United States Secretary of State John Kerri’s visit to Russia.

A. Kazantsev noted that there were always problems between Russia and the United States: “We must not forget one thing that in today’s world it is impossible to solve any important issue without Russia. Today, the US and Russia are negotiating on the joint fight against the IS in the Middle East and resolving the Iranian nuclear issue.

Russia plays an important role on all these issues. After today’s meeting in Sochi it is early to talk about improvement in the US-Russian relations. US-Russian relations will not be normalized until the crisis in Ukraine is resolved. However, despite the differences in the Ukrainian crisis, both sides understand the importance of continuing negotiations. For this reason, the visit of John Kerry to Russia is realized.”

According to the analyst, the visit of the Secretary of State is recognition of the fact by the U.S. that Russia is an important country in the world: “The United States understood that Russia can’t be ignored on important issues. All this shows that Russia is an important country in the modern world, which is necessary to maintain relations constantly. Russia is not North Korea to isolate and talk in the language of ultimatums.”

Noting that the U.S. and Russia’s interests are crossed also in the South Caucasus, Kazantsev said that there are also major differences regarding the Eurasian integration process: “At the moment Eurasian integration is a priority issue for Russia. Naturally, this process also implies the involvement of the South Caucasus.

The U.S. believes this process is a threat to the independence of the post-Soviet countries and fights against this process at different levels. This particularly concerns Armenia. As you know, Armenia is a member of the Eurasian Economic Union. As for Azerbaijan, this country adheres to multi-vector foreign policy, trying to develop relations with Russia and with the West and the United States. ”

The political scientist noted that Russia’s attitude to the EU’s “Eastern Partnership” program is extremely negative: “Moscow has also officially recognized it. There is an open struggle between Russia’s Eurasian Economic Union project and the “Eastern Partnership” program of the European Union. Although the fact that Germany has proposed to establish some connections between the “Eastern Partnership” program and the EEU, but nothing was achieved in this direction. This proposal is put forward to address the tensions between the West and Russia over the “Eastern Partnership”. In this regard, the West and Russia are competing with each other.”

SOURCE: Azeri Press News Agency