And Balyoz eventually succeeds

I have written dozens of articles about the lawsuit against the perpetrators of the Sledgehammer (Balyoz) plot — a suspected coup plot believed to have been devised in 2003 with the aim of unseating the Justice and Development Party (AKP) government through violent acts.

I have read thousands of documents and listened to hours of voice recordings about the seminar held as part of the Balyoz plot.

Everything was crystal clear in those recordings. The names and photos of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and former President Abdullah Gul were openly used, and the names of the cities that would be occupied and the stadiums where people would be collected were emphatically mentioned. Despite the fact that no military plan would use real names, the Balyoz plan was rehearsing a coup with real names and places.

Moreover, this was confirmed by the military and civilian authorities of the time. For instance, Gul said, quotWe knew what was happening.quot Gen. Aytac Yalman had written using the clearest wording to hint at a coup. The quotmolequot controversy involving Gen. Hilmi OzkOk and Gen. cetin Dogan actually summed up everything.

Let us go over it for the uninitiated. Announcing that OzkOk’s nickname in the military academy was quotmole,quot Dogan implied that it was OzkOk who leaked the Balyoz documents. OzkOk’s riposte told everything to those who are wise enough. OzkOk confirmed that his nickname was quotmolequot and provided the following explanation. quotYes, in the military academy I was called mole’ because I would catch moles in the fields in summer. It is very difficult to catch moles, but I was skilled in catching them. So this nickname was given to me.quot

Thus, the chief of the general staff gave the following message: quotI caught the moles.quot Oddly enough, the defendants in the Balyoz case accepted that all the recordings were genuine, except those on CDs numbered 11 and 17. They confirmed the voice recordings, handwritings, PowerPoint slides, etc. We didn’t need the CDs numbered 11 and 17 to understand that Balyoz was a coup plot. We just said, quotListen to the voice recordings and you will understand everything. If the lists in the CDs numbered 11 and 17 were fake, where are the authentic lists referred to in the voice recordings? You generals should submit them to the court. Why doesn’t the court order you to hand over those lists?quot

If, as the arrested generals argue, someone forged documents and it was not a coup meeting but an ordinary war plan, why didn’t you give them to the court?

No one should try to fool anyone. Balyoz’s subversive officers were preparing to implement an old-school coup. Some of the defendants might not be aware of this. The court was certainly not determined to make this distinction. But I say in black and white that Dogan and his cronies knew what they were doing. Indeed, they were talking about “crushing” the mayor of Pendik. What’s that got to do with a war plan?

An old-school coup should face an old-school court. The court rightly confirmed that it was an attempted coup and penalized the perpetrators and the sentences were upheld by the Supreme Court of Appeals. However, when the AKP’s corrupt practices were exposed, it was forced to collaborate with the subversive officers. Believing that the coup threat had been averted, the AKP saw no harm in cooperating with the coup perpetrators.

The AKP is very Machiavellian in this regard. For instance, although it called Abdullah Ocalan and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) terrorists, it started to negotiate with them. Today, it denies that it negotiated with them. Tomorrow, it will restart the negotiations. It is so Machiavellian that it has even agreed to collaborate with the coup perpetrators.

Of course, there was one condition for this cooperation: To acquit the coup perpetrators. Now, that acquittal has eventually come. The court has announced its decision. It is so funny that the court said that the documents were fake even though the coup perpetrators and the General Staff accepted them as authentic. The court’s reasoned decision states: quotBased on the evidence obtained during the retrial phase, it was found that the CDs numbered 11 and 17, which were delivered by the journalist, were fake and there was reasonable suspicion that several key pieces of evidence in digital format are insufficient and so the court cannot continue with the charges against the suspects.quot

After getting the green light, the court couldn’t restrain itself. It went too far to argue that quotthere was reasonable suspicionquot that the evidence that the defendants accepted as authentic was quotforged.quot This is enough to show that the court acquitted the defendants because of legal or political considerations. Thus, the court claimed that the evidence that was confirmed by the defendants to be authentic was fake.

A coup aims to abolish the rule of law. With this court decision in 2015, they have managed to implement the coup they failed to perform in 2003. Congratulations.