ANAMA participates in tender for demining Turkey’s borders with Azerbaijan, Armenia and Iran – ANAMA will compete with UK, US and Bosnia-Herzegovina companies

Baku: Turkey has declared a tender to demine 225 mined areas at its borders with Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Iran.

Today is the deadline for admission of documents to the tender, APA reports citing Turkish sources.

However, local Turkish firms won’t, either independently or in the form of consortium, be able to join the project, which is to be realized under support of the UN Development Program, with a total value of $80 million. Turkish firms have failed to score the points of assessment determined by the UN Development Program to be able to take part in the tender.

The Turkish Interior Ministry is to carry out supervision on the project.

Under the project, million square meters of area (225 mined area) will be demined along the Turkish borders with Azerbaijan, Armenia and Iran. Mine-clearing operations will be carried out in Ardahan, Kars, Igdir, Agri and Van regions.

Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action (ANAMA) has also been invited to the tender for participation in mine-clearing operations. ANAMA will compete with companies of the UK, US, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Earlier, ANAMA has been involved in the project of clearing shooting area of ROKETSAN company in Konya, landfill of Air Forces in Diyarbekir and in the ancient city of Karkamish along the Turkish-Syrian border.

ANAMA also conducted trainings on mine and UXO clearance for representatives of MKE Company and several private companies of Turkey.