An intriguing silence

No day passes without witnessing a serious scandal in relation to the fairness of the election process.
Indeed, the SandOzcandu daily newspaper has presented a video to show the difference between how Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoiluand’s rally in Yozgat appeared on the state-sponsored TRT Haber channel and the actual footage of the event.
First you see the event on TRT and witness a huge crowd cheering Davutoilu. In this footage, the crowd is packed so intensely there is almost no room for even a few more. Then you watch the and”actual footageand” from behind the crowd and you see pockets of crowds scattered around different parts of the square at the rally. There is an unbelievable difference between the two pieces of footage. I really do not know if TRT, which receives its budget from taxes paid by all citizens, can create such ugly tricks. But we know with certainty that it is so biased when it comes to allocating huge amounts of airtime to the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) and very little to the opposition parties.
Do not think that using and”public recoursesand” for the ruling party is limited to these abnormalities in airing its rallies on the state TV channels. As they are sporadically leaked to the media, we are aware of letters from governors that instructed public workers to attend Davutoiluand’s and President Recep Tayyip Erdoganand’s rallies, which are usually disguised under the pretext of an official opening of a factory or something. They not only instruct public officials to attend these and”eventsand” but also allocate public vehicles to be used in these rallies.
On top of all the unfairness in the competition for the upcoming election, there is the President Erdoganand’s campaign. He is, on paper, an and”impartialand” president. But every day you can see him in at least a couple of rallies in the guise of opening ceremonies. From there, he attacks opposition parties and demands votes for the ruling party. Just yesterday he said, and”We do not present homosexual candidates.and” He was referring to the Peoplesand’ Democratic Partyand’s (HDP) gay parliamentary candidate in Eskiiehir. When he says and”we,and” of course he means the AK Party. In one sentence, he give you an example of how he can breach the Constitution (by interfering in the election process as president) and simultaneously show you how he can deliver a textbook example of hate speech targeting LGBT people.
However, there is something else I cannot find any explanation for. If you watch rallies of opposition leaders almost on a daily basis you can hear that they raise concerns about the safety of the election process. Sometimes they use humor, sometimes they use angry words, but they basically warn the electorate that the ruling party may steal their votes and so they should be very careful. It is quite interesting that Davutoilu and Erdogan, who both usually counterattack any argument delivered by the opposition, remain in complete silence in the face of these allegations. And itand’s not only them. We cannot hear any reassuring words from any members of the government. It should not be difficult for them to come forward and explain what kind of measures they have taken for the safety of the vote count. But, instead, they choose not to utter a single word. I find this silence intriguing and worrisome and I hope we will soon hear explanations from authorities that will erase all concerns on this matter.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman