American troops welcomed in Estonia with ceremony

TALLINN (CIHAN)- The first batch which consists of 600 US soldiers has arrived in Eastern Europe to hold NATO’s joint military drills amid tension between Russia and US due to Ukraine crises. U.S soldiers was welcomed by Estonian President Toomas Hendrik at NATO’s Ämari air-base with a brief ceremony.

US Ambassador to Tallinn Jeffery D Levine also made a statement regarding the arrival of armed forces to Eastern Europe and said that this is the first step which can be evaluated as a message to Moscow.

Speaking at the ceremony, Estonian President Ilves stated that transatlantic relations have vital importance for them in world which has lack of security.

“We welcome the arrival of confederate soldiers to our lands. By the way NATO becomes less abstract organization and our commitments that we have shared when we established alliance, strengthen,”

Meanwhile, The United Kingdom has sent four warplanes to the Lithuania to make flights over Baltic region. Ex-Soviet member eastern European countries Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania clearly express their worries about Russian threat after annexation of Crimea.