American citizen returns historic work to Turkey

ISTANBUL (CIHAN)- An American citizen by the name of Kyoko Schmidt has returned two amphorae that her husband took from Turkey in 1965.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has a policy of making efforts to retrieve items of historical importance that have been taken from Turkey. Schmidt went to the Turkish Embassy in Washington, D.C., saying that she wanted to return the amphorae that her husband had brought from Turkey.

Following the necessary paperwork, the embassy contacted experts at the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The experts from the ministry verified the objects’ authenticity. They are thought to belong to fifth or fourth century B.C. The amphorae have now been offered to the Ankara Museum of Anatolian Civilizations.

Expressing his pleasure at the return of the historical items, Minister of Culture and Tourism Ömer Çelik said it is one of the priorities of the state’s cultural policy to protect items that were taken abroad in the past.

(CihanToday’s Zaman)