Ambassador: Unknown how many Azerbaijanis actually live in Yemen – “The Azerbaijanis living in Aden said they are unwilling to leave the city”

Baku: “No one has appealed to the Azerbaijani embassy in Saudi Arabia over the Yemen crisis,” Azerbaijani ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Rasim Rzayev, who is also accredited in Yemen, told APA.

He said 3 Azerbaijanis who officially live in Yemen are registered at the embassy.

“They live in Aden. When the situation in Yemen deteriorated, we reached out to them. But they said situation was stable and that they do not want to leave the city,” said the ambassador.

According to him, the Azerbaijani side has several times requested Yemen’s Foreign Ministry to help the Azerbaijanis living there officially register.

R. Rzayev said it is unknown how many Azerbaijanis actually live in Yemen, adding that the Turkish embassy in Yemen was requested to help the Azerbaijanis living there leave the country in case the Yemen conflict worsens further.

“But Turkey terminated its embassy’s mission. We are now negotiating with the Russian embassy in Yemen. They told us they are ready to help in any way,” noted Rzayev.

SOURCE: Azeri-Press News Agency