Ambassador: Italy considers TAP pipeline as priority

Baku: “The South Stream Pipeline has been of potential interest to Italy and the EU for quite some time,” Ambassador of Italy to Azerbaijan Campaolo Kutilo told APA.

He said that the European Commission had however made clear from the beginning that the implementation of the project would depend on a number of regulatory issues, notwithstanding other considerations regarding the financial, technical and political challenges posed by pipeline.

“It is clear that, while the South Stream is (or was) at the stage of a project, our priority clearly goes to the Southern Corridor, which will soon be a reality, on which both Italy and the EU have consistently reaffirmed their strategic interest. In the Italian Government’s view, the project South Stream is considered useful but it has less priority than the TAP (Trans-Adriatic Pipeline) that ensures the diversification of the suppliers and routes. As stated in recent days by the Minister of Economic Development, Federica Guidi and by Prime Minister Renzi, the South Stream is a useful infrastructure but not as much a priority, although it has a component of diversification from the side of the transit, while from the point of view of supplier presents critical issues”. Italy considers as a priority other works and in particular the TAP pipeline that would carry gas from Azerbaijan to Italy from 2020,” he said.